Between Planets, the protagonist, Born in transit to Ganymede of an Terran father and Venusian mother, he lived for his first few years on Venus but spent his school years on Earth. His parents ordered him to Mars, where they were working, when tensions increased between Venus and Earth, but he was caught in the Venus Republic High Guard attack on Circum-Terra and chose going to Venus over returning to Earth. After the invasion of Venus by Earth military forces he escaped from detention and joined the guerrilla insurgents. From there he was sent to Sir Isaac Newton, a Venerian dragon he'd befriended on Earth, where he learned that Sir Isaac, his parents, and various other acquaintances were working on technology that would make military aggression impossible, and that he had been given crucial information by a friend of his parents before leaving Earth. After turning over the information and seeing the defenses developed, he was sent to Mars on the prototype ship to help defeat the Earth forces and rejoin his parents. (At his ranch school he was given the nickname "Don Jaime" because of a fancy Spanish saddle his parents had given him.)